Manley RFID Consulting is an independent consulting practice keenly focused on Enterprise and OEM clients considering passive RFID technology to address real-business problems across your enterprise or as a feature to your product.
“There is such a thing as too much data, but there is no such thing as too much good data.”
Russell Klein, VP Aberdeen Group
Our objective guidance in RFID business value creation, system design, component and partner selection is derived from pioneering work with the world’s leader in UHF Gen 2 core-technology and real-world deployment experience in the pharmaceutical, retail, manufacturing, and foodservice industry.
Manley RFID Consulting provides C-level and project stakeholders a practical understanding of the core technology, the RFID ecosystem today, and provides this in the context of your company business problem or product feature. Shorten your learning curve, mitigate risk, and experience successful outcomes – this is what we do.
Please review our practical Approach and give us a call or email.